Why Set Free Femininity?

The world tells you that you need to have a certain body shape, the right hair, the right makeup, the right job, the right husband, the right kids, etc., in order to be feminine. Yet the definition of right changes all the time.

The world tells you that if you think positive thoughts, speak positive affirmations, become who you want to attract and realize that God exists just to make you happy and your life better, that you’ll have everything your heart desires.


We believe that these ideas only serve to keep women in bondage and on that never-ending cycle of trying to live up to an unattainable ideal. We also believe that they keep women from what they are most in need of: Jesus Christ.

We believe that women should be free to be what God made them to be, whether that fits someone’s preconceived notion or not.

We believe that it is only by repenting and believing in Jesus Christ that a woman can be completely FREE.

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