Ill-Timed Words



I recently read the For Harriet article by founder Kimberly Foster entitled “Why I Will Not March for Eric Garner” It brought up many issues concerning Black women and how their concerns are often ignored by Black men, but Black men almost demand unwavering support for Black women while not offering the same support to their women in return. And while she brings up many valid points that I agree with, I think the article was BADLY TIMED. Regardless of how I feel about the collective of the Black community and its members, I’m sorry, I still have my humanity.

Eric Garner was a HUMAN BEING and he was senselessly murdered by police officers. Now marching is USELESS mainly because it doesn’t accomplish anything IMHO, while I will not be taking to the streets, FIGHTING FOR THE INTERESTS OF BLACK WOMEN DOES NOT MEAN I IGNORE INJUSTICES CONCERNING BLACK MEN. I will continue to primarily advocate for Black women because I know what they face as a Black woman, but I cannot and WILL NOT take the position that some Black women have concerning cutting off Black men and their concerns COMPLETELY. They need to get their stuff together for sure, but don’t pretend as if their absence hasn’t left a hole in the Black community as a whole.

LOGICALLY I agree with many Black women like Kimberly Foster on this issue hence the reason for my Cognitive Dissonance on this issue. Reciprocity makes SENSE. Why are we as Black women continuing to advocate for men who have shown collectively they do not support us? Trust me this resonates with me ladies, but GUESS WHAT?? GOD SAYS NO THIS IS NOT THE WAY!

Just in case you didn’t know, as I have a LOT of FB buddies on my page who are not Christians. You friended a stone cold Jesus follower.

God wrestled with me last night and HE WON! He told me, LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, DO GOOD TO THOSE WHO HATE YOU, PRAY FOR THOSE WHO MISTREAT YOU! Yeah it is not LOGICAL but it is BIBLICAL! I am a new creature in Christ, and I ain’t forgot about what he has done for me, and while I see what I see ladies and I do not deny it, I KNOW my God is right, and somebody’s wrong. (ME)

This is why depending on LOGIC ALONE (Listen gentleman) is FLESHLY and not of God.

Eric Garner was a man who had a WIFE (a BLACK WOMAN) and CHILDREN which included BLACK DAUGHTERS. To be honest, he kinda looks like my own father. I think of THEM too as I too have had run ins with the NYPD and know of their collective brutality. THE NYPD TOOK THEIR HUSBAND AND FATHER AWAY. That alone is enough for me to bring public awareness, and call for justice for his death.

I can call for JUSTICE for Renisha McBride who was shot in the back by White man in Michigan, Marlene Pinnock, the Black woman beat brutally by a California police officer, Jada, a young Black woman who was raped and pictures of her unconscious body were made fun of on social media, the 60,000 Black women who are STILL MISSING in America, and any other Black women who need our support without throwing Black men under the bus.

Maybe one day they will return the support to Black women in the same measure, but I’m not holding my breath, but MY GOD is my provider & protector. I am responsible for MY actions. The Black male KKK on social media will have to answer to God for their foolery, but Black women, I’m seeking PEACE. I’m removing myself from those who do not support me from my sphere of influence regardless of who you are.

I want you to remember this picture, and remember that BLACK WOMEN were affected by this senseless murder. Think on it as we move through the day. I stand for Esaw Garner, wife of Eric Garner. I stand for Emerald Garner and the rest of the Garner family. I stand for JUSTICE, because as MLK so aptly said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Keep it in mind.

Have a PEACEFUL day.


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